LED Linear High Bay

When you should use Linear LED High Bays over normal LED High Bays

Linear LED high bays and UFO LED high bays are used for different things and have different features that can make one better than the other in certain situations.

Linear LED high bays are usually longer and shorter than regular LED high bays. They are often used in places with high ceilings, like warehouses, gyms, and factories, to give more directed lighting. They are made to spread light more evenly over a certain area, and in some cases, they can use less energy than regular LED high bays. They also tend to look more current and sleek, which can be better in some situations.

Normal LED high bays, on the other hand, are usually square or round and spread light over a larger area. They are often used in places like big stores, airports, and parking areas where a lot of light is needed, like in business and industrial settings. They can also be used outside, for example to light up big places like sports fields or parking lots.

In general, the choice between linear LED high bays and regular LED high bays relies on the lighting needs of the application. If you need light to go in a certain direction or want a more modern look, straight LED high bays may be a better choice. Normal LED high bays may be a better choice if general lighting is needed over a larger area or if the application is outside. When making a choice, you should also think about things like energy efficiency, cost, and upkeep needs.

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