T8 LED Pink Butcher Tubes

T8 Pink Butchers Tubes are a must for any meat seller. Why? Well if you've got T8 Pink Butchers Fluorescent tubes installed, they are using up power, probably annoyingly flickering, generating loads of heat to make your fridges work harder (using more power and increasing wear and tear) and emitting loads of Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) onto your meats thus reducing their shelf life.

Our T8 Pink Butchers T8 LED Tubes are specially designed to curb all this since they will save you at least 50% off your energy bills, will last 5-10 times longer, generate almost zero hear giving your fridges a break causing the compressors to turn on less and they don’t emit any real UV which as we all know is one of the things that makes meat go off faster. Keep your existing fluorescent fittings and swap in your new Pink LED tubes - all that’s required is ballast removal and a simple rewiring as the LED Tubes link directly up to your mains power. Fitted with special glands and a resultant higher IP rating, the butchers LED Tubes will protect against moisture allowing you to enjoy this locally manufactured product supported by a three (3) year warranty - all at a great price!

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