LED High Mast Floodlights

LED High Masts Floodlights are used to illuminate large open areas, commonly for mines, industrial areas, highways, recreational fields, and large rural housing settlements. LED High Mast lights are an ever popular application over the energy hungry HID lights that are usually mounted in a luminaire ring on top of a 30m high mast (hence the name) or other structure but can be laid out differently depending on the required application. LED high mast floods are the very best solution for new installations and to replace old traditional, inefficient high mast luminaires.

Traditional high mast lighting consists of HID fixtures powering High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide (MH) or Mercury Vapour (MV) lamps that use a massive amount of energy. They are also inefficient, as much of that energy is wasted as invisible heat. They experience a fairly quick lumen depreciation curve and also require long warm-up times and can’t be turned on and off frequently as this drastically reduces their lifespan.

LED high masts on the other hand offer numerous benefits. They are extremely energy efficient and save at least 40% in energy costs. They also last much longer, experience much slower lumen depreciation and will save a fortune in maintenance costs. They also do not have a warm up time. They achieve full brightness instantly and can be switched as frequently as desired. Another major advantage, especially when replacing HPS high masts is that the LEDs have a much higher CRI which provides far greater visibility in the areas used. What’s more, LED high mast beam angles can be tightly controlled to focus light distribution to where it is needed and reduce light pollution.

Due to their long life, LED high mast luminaires save a massive amount in maintenance costs as replacing or servicing light fixtures at such elevated heights is extremely costly. LED high masts are typically designed with a useful lifetime of 50,000 hours and we offer a 5-year warranty on all our high mast ranges. If the high masts are on for 12 hours a night (often much shorter than that); you can expect them to last >11 years! The maintenance costs for HID fixtures over that same time period for component replacements (lamps and ballasts); labour; lifting equipment etc. make the decision to convert to LEDs a no-brainer… Installing LEDs is one of the best investments you can make thanks to the combined benefits in energy and maintenance cost savings.

We supply LED high masts to replace ANY traditional HID high mast fixture. We have various ranges available depending on your requirements. Many of them are locally manufactured and we also have a range of SABS tested high masts which provide the extra assurance that these LED high mast luminaires have been manufactured to the highest standards.

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