LED Triproofs

Tri-proof Fittings are specially designed to withstand water, dust and corrosion. They typically come in 2ft 600mm, 4ft 1200mm and 5ft 1500mm lengths for fluorescent or LED tubes. LED Tri-proof Luminaires are extremely robust and have the LEDs integrated into the housing. They are very quick easy to install and can be used in new installations and commonly used to replace old fluorescent single and double tube fittings. LED Tri-proof Luminaires come in different designs, colour temperatures and light outputs depending on the project requirements. They are very versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications such as parking garages, factories and anywhere you would find traditional tri-proof or IP65 Fluorescent Fittings. LED Tri-proof luminaires can also come with built in optional extras such as motion sensing and battery backup if required.

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