Clear Sky Distributors warrants to all customers that our range of LED products will operate in accordance with the product’s specification documentation.

The warranty begins from the date of the tax invoice submitted to the client for the said, purchased products. Any defective product will be replaced, as long as the failure was a fault of the unit, and not due to any external factors, such as breakages and other factors that will void your warranty as explained below. 


If you experience a failure, the defective units will be collected by Clear Sky Distributors courier services. Customers must ensure that all units are packaged correctly, with any necessary bubble wrap or protective packaging to ensure a safe return via Clear Sky Distributors couriers. If products are not packaged correctly and are damaged in transit the warranty applicability may be impaired or voided altogether depending on the extent of the damage.

Once the units are returned, Clear Sky Distributors technicians will test, evaluate and submit a Return’s Report detailing, in so far as possible, the reasons for the failure. If the report submitted reveals that the fault is due to manufacturing defect(s), then all the costs of replacement and courier fees will be absorbed by Clear Sky Distributors and the returns process finalised.

However, if the report reveals conditions not covered under the terms and conditions of this warranty due to warranty breach, as defined in the section “Not Covered under Warranty”, the Customer will be notified by Clear Sky Distributors and given an estimate for the repair or replacement costs, plus be liable for any and all related courier fees (already charged or required).

If the defective product is returned after the expiration of the warranty period, Clear Sky Distributors normal service policies shall apply and you will be supplied with a written estimate of the repair or replacement costs plus all shipping charges required.

*All courier services are paid for by Clear Sky Distributors for delivery within South Africa ONLY – applicable to all successful replacement/repair requests endorsed by Clear Sky Distributors Warranty Terms. Clear Sky Distributors will not be liable to collect or provide any returns process for faulty products located outside the Republic of South Africa. In such an event it’s understood that the client will, at their own cost, return the defective products to an address in South Africa (either to Clear Sky Distributors or the Customer’s desired address) so that the returns process can be initiated.


This warranty only covers normal use in a suitable environment and application. This warranty does not cover the following conditions/effects/consequences:

  • Augmentation of the Product: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ATTEMPT TO FIX A FAULTY PRODUCT YOURSELF. Any unauthorised opening of a product, adding 3rd party components, removing or altering existing components and any servicing of the product that would alter its intended functioning or application by the owner or by any unauthorised person, end user or customer, whether electrically certified or not, will void the warranty entirely.

  • Connection to 3rd party peripherals: Any user-installed peripheral devices, dealer or user-installed pc boards or any other components not part of the original product supplied unless endorsed officially in writing by Clear Sky Distributors or within the documentation supplied by Clear Sky Distributors (such as the use of a third part fuse link and properly augmented fluorescent fittings when installing led tube retrofit products).

  • Removal of Identification Markings – A warranty claim must be able to identify the source and / or batch of the returned faulty unit. If stickers or markings are removed from the units prior to return thus making identification impossible, the warranty claim will be rejected by the manufacturer as per standard practice.

  • Alternative Power Supplies: Connection of the product to any other power sources or voltages other than what is prescribed, either detailed in the specification document and/or labeled on the product will void the warranty. Connecting the product to any electrical outlet not properly grounded will likewise void the warranty.

  • Power Surges / Spikes: Should the unit be damaged in any way due to overvoltage, power surge, power spikes, etc. the warranty will be voided. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure adequate protection of all installed products by concurrently installing/making use of, but not limited to, appropriate protective products such as surge arrestors, fuses, and other surge protection devices. If it is found that power surge is responsible for damages to the unit, the Customer will be required to submit evidence of the existence of such protective devices otherwise the warranty will be voided.

  • Incorrect Installation: The warranty will be voided if the product is installed by an uncertified electrician or persons with the necessary equivalent training. Should the product not be installed correctly by a certified person, including inadequate or incorrect wiring, likewise, the warranty will be voided. Please ensure any supplied installation instructions are properly followed during installation.

  • Inadequate and/or Erroneous Maintenance: This warranty does not cover the failure of the product due to inadequate maintenance, misuse of the product, improper installation, installation in the wrong environment exceeding the product’s IP rating, or general neglect.

  • Force Majeure: This warranty does not cover disasters such as fire, flood, lightning, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, zombie apocalypses, alien invasions or the like, or any other natural disasters that the law deems fair to blame on God. 


The warranty and remedies expressed above are exclusive and in lieu of all other express or implied warranties including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Some laws do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties. If these laws apply, then all express and implied warranties are limited to the warranty period of the product. Any statement or representations made by any person, company or firm are void, unless stated above or officially endorsed, in writing, by Clear Sky Distributors.

Clear Sky Distributors will not be responsible or liable for any loss, inconvenience or damage including direct, special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use their products, whether resulting from a breach of warranty or any other legal theory or opinion.