LED Street Lights

LED Street Lights are integrated LED luminaires designed to illuminate roads, streets and highways and replace HID street lights and are available in various sizes and wattages depending on the class of road to be illuminated and the height and spacing of the poles.

HID street lights consist of a street light housing with reflector and lamp holder. An HID lamp fits into the holder and it is supplied power through a ballast (control gear). HID street lights are inefficient as a lot of the energy supplied is wasted as invisible heat and a lot of light is lost in the fitting's design and reflector.

LED Streetlights are fast becoming the new norm in facilitating successful replacement and new build requirements on all class of road works projects. LED street lighting is the best solution to reducing light pollution in urban areas while enhancing visibility (especially when replacing HPS street lights). LED street lights typically save between 40-80% in energy costs depending on the HID technology that is replaced and the efficiency of the LED luminaire used. It is very important to compare the lumen outputs of LED street lights as this tells you how bright the LED is. Comparing wattage only tells you how much energy the lights consume. A high lumen/watt (lm/w) ratio will inform you that the light is more efficient and will provide more light per unit of energy. The costs for labour, time, equipment and replacement components for HID street lights over the same period is extremely high.

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