Cold Room LED Lights

LED Lighting for Cold Rooms greatly reduces electricity and maintenance costs and improves visibility. Traditional light fixtures also emit far more heat than LED fixtures so converting to LEDs will also drastically reduce the refrigeration costs. The low temperature and moisture in cold rooms can also result in shorter lifespans for traditional light fixtures. IP65 LED luminaires are waterproof and the cooler environment also extends the life of the LED components. LEDs will, therefore, last a lot longer and greatly reduce future maintenance costs.

For cold room lighting, wide beam angles are preferred as they provide more even light in the area and can illuminate stock on higher shelves better as the height of cold rooms is restricted. Vapour Proof LED luminaires are excellent for this purpose as they can easily be mounted directly onto the ceiling and provide good, even light distribution. For cold rooms with higher ceilings, IP65 LED high bays can be used to provide more light as required.

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