T5 LED Tubes

T5 lamps are easily identifiable due to their shorter length and smaller diameter (5/8th of an inch or 16mm) and were originally introduced as a more energy efficient solution to T8 fluorescent lamps before LEDs were a viable alternative. T5 LED Tubes can now be used to replace T5 fluorescents and achieve a 25-40% savings while achieving the same light levels and drastically reduce maintenance costs. We offer a wide range of T5 LED tubes in various colour and output options to replace any T5 fluorescent tube.

When replacing a T5 fluorescent with a T5 LED tube, be sure to note if it is a standard or high output option as the appropriate T5 LED Tube must be retrofitted to achieve desired lux levels.

Also note that some of our T5 LED tubes have a T8 diameter but maintain a T5 length and T5 pins. The extra diameter allows space for proper components to be used in T5 LEDs that run direct off 220V. We also offer T5 LED tubes with the thin T5 diameter but these operate off the existing ECG which does most of the work in regulating the power to the LEDs.

If you are unsure about the right T5 retrofit solution, simply contact our sales team for professional advice on the best product for the job. 

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