Hospital LED Lights

Hospitals and Health Care facilities are constantly under pressure to keep their overheads down and save money where they can. Converting the lighting in hospitals and health care facilities to LEDs is a smart and straight forward way to quickly reduce energy costs. Due to the 24/7 nature of these environments, the payback period and ROI for an energy-efficient lighting upgrade is excellent. Due to the long life span of LED lights, the maintenance costs will be drastically lowered and the maintenance staff can spend more time attending to other matters.

The lighting in hospitals is primarily made up of fluorescent tube light fixtures and halogen or incandescent downlight fixtures. These fixtures can easily be replaced with led luminaires or simply retrofitted with LED lamps. Upgrading to LED will help improve light levels and safety while also increase the comfort of patients and employees. Outside the hospital, the HID fixtures used in the parking areas and other areas can simply be replaced with quality LED luminaires such as LED Streetlights or Solar LED Streetlights. 

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