Service Station LED Lights

Converting to LED lights in Service Stations will not only save a lot in energy and maintenance costs but will also create a more modern and well-illuminated space which will help attract more customers. There are many areas to light in Service Stations but the main area is under the canopy, where the area needs to be well illuminated and offer good visibility and a welcoming environment for customers. There are excellent LED canopy lights available which will provide better light than the traditional HID canopy lights the replace. LED canopy lights provide much longer lifespans and a better quality light and can save up to 75% of the energy used.

The exterior parking area is also important for people coming into the convenience store. Installing LED street lights or solar lights will provide great illumination and added safety and security for customers. In the service station convenience store, there are excellent LED options available to replace old inefficient lighting fixtures. A lighting upgrade to LED will create a more attractive space that will bring in more clients. Many service stations run 24/7 which means the ROI for LED lighting upgrades is excellent and the payback period is much shorter than other applications with shorter operational hours. 

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