T12 LED Tubes

Most people are not aware that there are T12 LED Tubes available now to replace those old, dinosaur T12 fluorescent lamps still commonly burning in many commercial and industrial installations. The T12 fluorescent lamp is hard to miss with a large diameter (12/8th of an inch or 38mm) and is typically found in 6ft 1800mm and 8ft 2400mm lengths with either single pin or bi-pin end caps. LED T12 Tubes are far more energy efficient and longer lasting than traditional T12 fluorescent tubes.

We offer LED retrofit tube lamps in 6ft and 8ft lengths in a T8 format with various end cap options and wired the same as an existing T12 fluorescent (live and neutral to both ends). Installation simply requires the bypassing of the existing Magnetic Control Gear (MCG) and choke in order for the LED tubes to operate. This saves a lot in project costs as the existing fittings can be maintained if they are still in good condition.

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