LED Downlights

Integrated LED Downlights are a great solution for overhead lighting in commercial and retail environments. They are a complete LED luminaire meaning that the fitting (housing) and light source (LED) are integrated together.

Complete LED Downlights are typically recessed fixtures and come in a wide variety of sizes, light outputs, styles, and colour temperatures to suit the various requirements of projects and applications.

The benefits of using integrated LED Downlights in projects is that they typically last longer than traditional GU10 lamps and are more efficient. Good quality LED Downlights are available with a 5-warranty and and efficacy of 100lm/w or more. They are also available in high output options which allows them to be used in areas with high ceilings. Some LED Downlights also feature a deep-set light source which reduces glare greatly and improves the visual comfort in the areas they are used (these can also be called Anti-glare LED downlights).

Integrated LED Downlights are commonly used in new buildings as well as for replacing old existing traditional downlight fittings such as PL lamp fittings and metal halide or halogen downlight fittings. When replacing existing downlight fittings, it is important to note the existing cutout hole size in the ceiling. Ideally, you want to use an LED downlight that is compatible with that size hole.

Have a look at our range of integrated LED downlights below to find the right fit for your project.

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