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LED Rope Lights

LED Rope Lights are long strings of LEDs that operate on high voltage 220-240V or 110V AC. The main advantage of AC LED Rope Lights is that long lengths (usually 50m to 100m bails) can be run in an unbroken length via one AC driver or power supply.  In contrast, low voltage 12V or 24V DC LED strips needs to have transformers every 5m or 10m to avoid voltage drops and require a lot of maintenance. 

LED Rope lights are a robust and easy to install solution for long-run linear lighting requirements. They are available in a wide range of colour temperatures. 

There are many applications for LED Rope Lights. They are very popular for mining shafts and tunnels as well as other commercial areas where low profile, linear lighting is required such as service tunnels, emergency exits, under counter or cornice lighting. 


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