Different types of LED Tube lamps

What are the differences between the T5, T8 and the T12 LED Tube

There are different kinds of fluorescent tube lights that most popularly come inT5, T8, and T12 sizes. In recent years, LED tubes have been replacing fluorescent tubes en mass. If you're not sure which type of fluorescent tube you have or need, here are five main differences that will help you to choose:

Size: T5 LED tubes are 1.5mm in diameter, T8 LED tubes are 2.54cm in diameter, while T12 LED tubes are 3.81cm in diameter. 

Length: T8 and T12 LED tubes are generally longer than T5 tubes. Most T5 LED tubes are between 600mm (2ft) and 1500mm (5ft) long (while T8 and T12 tubes can be between 1200mm (4ft) and 2400mm (8ft) long.)

Energy Efficiency: Of the three, T5 LED tubes are the most efficient, followed by T8 and T12. T5 LED tubes use less electricity than T8 and T12 LED tubes to make the same amount of light.

Brightness: T8 and T12 LED tubes are not as bright as T5 LED tubes. This is because T5 tubes put out more light per watt, which means they use the same amount of energy to make more light.

Compatible Ballasts: T5 LED tubes need an electronic ballast, but T8 and T12 LED tubes can be used with either an electronic or a magnetic ballasts. 

Cost: The T5 LED tube is the most expensive, followed by the T8 and T12 tubes. But in the long run, using T5 tubes can save enough energy to make up for the original cost.

T5 LED tubes are often used to add accent lighting, light under cabinets, and light tanks. Most of the time, T8 and T12 LED tubes are used in homes and businesses for general lighting.

Overall, T5 LED tubes are the most energy-efficient. T8 and T12 LED tubes are generally less expensive with T8 tubes the post prolifically used so it's likely you'll need T8 LED Tubes as direct replacements. 

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