Excellent LED Floodlights for Tennis Courts

Excellent LED Floodlights for Tennis Courts

Good, crisp, even lighting for a tennis court is a must if you're a lover of tennis and don't want to be limited to only playing in the day or enjoy playing at night. Most tennis courts have halogen, mercury vapour or high pressure sodium lights installed that suck up a huge amount of power while emitting a warmer and often uneven lighting on the court. 

One of our clients, Jabulani from The Tennis Court Pro, builds and refurbishes tennis courts and does an excellent job of every aspect - including upgrading the existing lights with LED Floodlights. His go-to solution for illuminating the courts is to use 8 of our 300w 36000lm LED Floodlights. Have a look at the video below to see the awesome result he gets with our units compared to the court illuminated with traditional HID lamps next door: 

When you install a quality LED Floodlight with a higher CRI (colour rendering index) you'll enjoy better visibility, daylight lighting while you save over 50% off your electrical fees. What's more, once you put up these weatherproof IP65 rated LED Floodlights, there won't be any maintenance requirements for many years to come. The results speak for themselves and once you've switched to LED - it's like chalk and cheese. 

Check out our range quality LED Floodlight Deals or contact us to find the best LED solution for your lighting project. If you have ordered with us before and would like to share your project story, please send us an email to sales@clearskydistributors.com and we can feature your project and company on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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