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The Right LED Tubes for Fridges

Many standard commercial fridges used for display, food and beverages come with T8 tube holders and typically use fluorescent lamps. Changing these to LED lamps will not only save energy on the lighting, but because they run cooler, they will also help reduce the energy used be the fridges to stay cool.

However, most ordinary LED tubes aren't suitable for fridge applications as they don't have adequate ingress protection for installation in moist environments like fridges. This can lead to unwanted premature failure, shortages and unhappy customers.

We have a range of Fridge LED Tubes specifically designed for fridges that are available in warm to cool white colour temperatures for general food and beverage fridges as well as pink LEDs for use in meat display fridges for butcheries.

Our fridge tubes have been expertly designed with an isolated body and IP64 sealed end caps to protect them in high moisture and low temperature environments. They come with a solid 3 year warranty and high power factor for optimal long term saving.

Look no further for the right LED tube lighting solution for fridges.

Check out our ranges here:
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