9 Advantages of Dimmable LED High Bays

9 Advantages of Dimmable LED High Bays

Dimmable LED high bays are becoming increasingly popular in industrial and commercial settings due to their long lifespan, maximal energy efficiency and lowest maintenance requirements. Normal LEDs, when replacing HID High Bays (like Mercury Vapour or High Pressure Sodium / HPS) already save their buyers as much as 60% off their energy bills. But now, with dimmable LED high bays becoming much more affordable, even more benefits can be realised. In this article, we will explore the top 9 advantages of dimmable LED high bays

Energy Savings
This is a big one because a dimmable LED high bay is far more energy efficient than a standard one/off LED as you can program it for optimal performance. By adjusting the brightness level of your lighting, you can significantly reduce energy consumption and save on electricity bills. In some instances, energy savings of over 90% can be realised when replacing traditional HID high bays.

Better Lighting Control
Dimmable LED high bays allowing you to adjust the brightness level to suit the task and situation at hand. Because of the added microwave sensor, a unit or units can dim down to 20% (for example) when they don’t detect movement for a set number of seconds or minutes. When movement is detected, similarly, the unit can increase to 100% or something a little less depending on the area and the light required. While some area may require more lighting than others depending on the tasks performed below, dimmable high bays give you complete control on how much light is emitted, for how long, when (they can be time based) through a standard remote control.

Improved Comfort and Productivity
Proper lighting is essential for employee safety, comfort and productivity. Dimmable LED high bays can create a more pleasant working environment by adjusting the lighting level to suit the task at hand. Studies show that employees work more productively in well-lit environments.

Longer Lifespan
Dimming LED high bays can extend their lifespan by reducing the stress on the LEDs chips, drivers and internal components. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of your investment for a longer period of time thus maximising your return of your investment and reducing your payback periods.

Better Light Quality
Dimmable LED high bays offer better light quality compared to non-dimmable LED high bays. By reducing the brightness level, you can eliminate glare and create a more uniform lighting environment.

Increased Safety
Dimmable LED high bays can improve safety by providing consistent lighting levels. By reducing the brightness level during non-intensive work, you can eliminate any distracting glare, reducing the risk of accidents.

Greenest Option
And of course, dimmable LED high bays maintain the lowest carbon footprint when compared to other non-dimmable LED or traditional HID high bays. By reducing energy consumption, you can decrease greenhouse gas emissions, which as we all know is the major contributor to climate change.

Reduced Maintenance Costs
Linked to lifespan, dimmable LED high bays require less maintenance compared to non-dimmable LED high bays. By reducing the stress on the LEDs, you can increase their lifespan and reduce the need for replacements and maintenance.

Cost-Effective Investment
Although dimmable LED high bays are initially more expensive than non-dimmable LED high bays, they will provide the best cost savings in the long run and will outperform standard units in terms of their ROI and payback periods. By reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs, you can achieve a return on investment over time.

In conclusion, dimmable LED high bays offer numerous advantages over non-dimmable LED high bays. They’re more affordable than ever and their benefits are clear. The world is moving towards lighting automation rapidly so checkout what dimmable LED High Bays would work for you or contact us for more information.

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