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LED Lights from Clear Sky LEDs are the smart, ultra energy efficient, clean and green solution to any existing fluorescent, halogen and incandescent lighting alternatives. Expertly designed for a broad range of applications, all Clear Sky LEDs’ LED Lights enjoy effective life spans and are manufactured from only the safest and highest quality materials. With electrical costs on the alarming increase, LED lights are saving their owners as much as 90% off their current electrical bills! All LED lights are tested by hand before they’re shipped to our customers and come with a solid 2-3 year manufacture warranty. LED Lights are truly a great Investment to make so please browse Clear Sky LEDs' LED Lighting Warehouse online now!   LED Lighting Products            LED Downlights 100% retrofittable LED Downlights to replace those expensive to run 30-50W Halogens. Multiple colour options, socket types and dimmable varieties available. LED Downlights     LED Floodlights Replace energy hungry Halogen, Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium floodlights with ultra bright, weather-proofed & affordable LED Floodlights. LED Floodlights     LED Tubes Ultra energy efficient and long lasting fluorescent and CFL tube replacements with over 50,000 hr life spans. LED Tubes   Other Energy Efficient Lighting Products      Induction High Bays With 100,000 hours operational hours and low power consumption, our High Bay Induction lights come with full SABS, Eskom & NRCS ratings and are the perfect cost saving solution to retrofitting any HID, Mercury Vapour or Metal Halide High Bays. Induction High Bay Lights         Featured LED Lighting Products:  

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