LED Retrofits

LED Retrofitting is an easy way of replacing older, energy inefficient lamps like Incandescents, halogens, CFLs and HIDs with new, longer lasting, energy efficient LEDs while still keeping the existing fitting. LED retrofit lamps are available in various shapes and socket/base types to mimic or improve on the various old technology lamps they are replacing. Besides the standard T8 LED tube retrofits and A60 LED Bulbs, we have a wide range LED retrofit lamps to cater to almost any retrofit including replacing the ancient single pin T12 fluorescents or e40 high Bay Lamps. Some retrofit work will require rewiring and/or ballast removal such as is the case with many T8 LED tube retrofit projects, while many others such as the LED Downlights, Candles and Bulbs are a straight plug and play application. We advise all our resellers as to the best options for their customer’s retrofit lighting requirements.

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